Class ExpandableDatatype

  extended by com.dynamide.DynamideObject
      extended by com.dynamide.datatypes.Datatype
          extended by com.dynamide.datatypes.ExpandableDatatype
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Direct Known Subclasses:
Caption, Link, ServerSideEvent, Version, WidgetDatatype

public abstract class ExpandableDatatype
extends Datatype

The Widget class calls DynamideObject.expand(String) to expand all properties, but that doesn't dig into enumerated types or complex types that contain multiple attributes, so this subclass calls the expansion whenever its get(String) method is called. For example, the com.dynamide.datatypes.Link class is an ExpandableDatatype, and it has attributes "key", "href", and "text". These need to be expanded, since they support calls such as get("href"). Simply relying on get("value") won't work. However, StringDatatype does not descend from ExpandableDatatype since it has a simple value that will already be expanded by the Widget class.

If you write Datatype descendants that have multiple attributes or are contained by EnumeratedDatatype, then subclass this class. com.dynamide.datatypes.StringDatatype can be contained in an enumeration but will not be expanded, so if you want macros to expand in your enumerated property, use com.dynamide.datatypes.Caption instead. The expansion does not handle internationionalization replacements, that is handled through the session. Each datatype publishes it's "DotName", which for complex types includes the "key" attribute. The full DotName is looked up and expanded, regardless of the superclass.

The expansions allow you to store any webmacro directives, variable lookups, and escape sequences in the stored property values. You must escape any #, $ or \ characters.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ExpandableDatatype(DynamideObject owner, Session session)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object get(java.lang.String what)
          Subclasses can override this.
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Constructor Detail


public ExpandableDatatype()


public ExpandableDatatype(DynamideObject owner,
                          Session session)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object get(java.lang.String what)
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Subclasses can override this.

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get in interface IGet
get in class Datatype

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